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At Blk Mkt SMP we offer scalp micro pigmentation services that to relieve your hair loss problems by creating a thicker, fuller head of hair, further thin hair, or recreating a new, fresh, brand new hairline that's suitable to their age and their image, allowing them to feel more confident and useful and enjoyable lives.

The benefits to using scalp micro pigmentation would be mainly because the results are instants.

It's an easy healing process and easy maintenance, cheaper than most hair loss solutions, are long term, and noninvasive.

Feel more youthful and confident and to actually have a full thicker head of hair or a brand new hairline that they've had missing for so long.

Why choose BLK MKT SMP?

Life Changing Experience

Anyone experiencing hair loss in the Okanagan have no need to go to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto, or out of country to find amazing results with scalp micro pigmentation. They're available through this Kelowna studio.

Save Money!

Traditional hair loss solutions can be extremely expensive. A hair transplant can cost $10,000 to $20,000! Where scalp micro pigmentation would probably only at most cost you $3K MAX. So there's easily a seventy five percent difference in price from a hair transplant.

Double Certified!

The Blk Mkt SMP secret sauce is a combination of five years experienced barber, two times certified SMP technician. And on top of that Nicholas is a is a pro team artist from Ghost Pigments.

Book a FREE Image Consultation it's going to be an amazing experience!

Avoid anymore embarrassment, shame, long distance of travel, to find expensive hair transplant services that may not work for you.

At Blk Mkt SMP we're all about helping our clients avoid spending 10X cost for services that may not work long term like scalp implementation does.

Check out our Verified Google Reviews for customer testimonials who consistently give us high praise for quality concern, high level of training, expertise and experience.

Natural results and results, quality post treatment services, quality guarantee, cheap touch ups with every service.

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SMP Kelowna!

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Blk Mkt SMP is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that camouflages balding. It can also add density to thinning hair or it give off a natural short buzzed cut look that you are “choosing” to shave down.

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